Searching by association?

Is there any way to filter/search users who have linked a particular association to their account?

That seems like an invasion of privacy.

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I don’t see why, if it only searches against those who have opted to display it publicly in their profile page.

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That wasn’t the question. It doesn’t say anything about publicly displayed links.

Are you referring to the option users have to display ranks from various associations?

It didn’t explicitly say all links either. The question was ambiguous and open to interpretation. You chose to interpret it in a way which made it an unreasonable request. I chose to interpret it in a way that makes it a reasonable request and feature suggestion.


You said you didn’t see why. I am glad that you now understand my comment.

Example: Find a list of users who have PUBLICLY linked ‘indian go association’ rank in their profile


There’s no feature like this built into the interface of the site, as far as I know, but I’m guessing that it might be possible with some sort of API query.

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By the way, for finding information about accounts potentially affiliated with the Indian Go Association in particular, there is this group which might be helpful

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You can also see which users set India as their profile flag with

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