Searching for the original picture of this cute Japanese/English "How to Play Go" Poster


Very cute. :slight_smile:

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Google’s image search is quite helpful …

Google-Translation there on Pfipper says this:

In today’s Children’s Go Room, we distributed cute files given by Mr. Tororo (@tororo2048) to the children. Everyone was very happy and quickly solved Tsumego. Thank you very much Tororo!

Maybe check out “Tororo”’s account in case he posted it there?

Or … politely ask him?

Please let us know what happens, will you?
I’d immediately purchase a book with these cute comics if it had English text!


Forgive me for replying to myself, but look here (I had to link directly to the page, the site seems to use old-school frames, so now you don’t have the nav bar):

碁石さんの囲碁ルール クリアファイル改訂版(A4)


後援 : 一般財団法人 永井熊七記念財団 代表理事 永井一夫様
考案・制作 : 関西棋院 白石京子先生
イラスト : とろろ



Go Stone’s Go Rules Clear File Revised Edition (A4)

The clear file of Go I made before has been partially revised and increased production!

Supported by: Mr. Kazuo Nagai, Representative Director of the Kumanishichi Nagai Memorial Foundation

Invented and produced by: Kyoko Shiraishi, Kansai Kiin

Illustration: Tororo

It is a clear file with an illustration of a simple rule explanation of Go.

It was created for the spread of Go, so this time it will not be sold, but distributed.
(machine transl.)

Nav Bar

It’s this link:

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You’re amazing! You found a photo… hm… this page that you shared looks a bit outdated, but I found some info that it was posted in 2022. This means that the information on that webpage should be quite accurate.

I translated more info:

If you live far away, please let us know the number of copies you want and the address below, and we will send it to you by Yu-Packet at the post office.

For Twitter: Please contact Tororo @tororo2048 by DM.
In the case of email: Please contact Tororo .

*Please be aware that you will be charged a shipping fee of approximately 280 yen to 390 yen as a cash on delivery fee before applying.

  • Basically, I try to reply, so if there is no reply, there is a possibility that I missed it. In that case, please contact us again.

*It will be sent by Kyoko Shiraishi to the address of Go Salon Senrioka.