Secondhand Go Books

Hello everyone!
I recently started to play Go and want to look into some Books to get better. I decided to get the “Graded Go Problems for Beginners” Series, but i couldn’t find them second hand anywhere.
I was wondering if someone here has the Series (or parts of it) at home, no longer uses them and would sell them?


Welcome in the forum, Auri.
I hope you get what you search.
In case of, the third vol is already not for a beginner or DDK and the fourth even more (for strong SDK up)
Ranking in these Japanese go books in English many times are not fitted with reality.
Anyway good luck… and games!

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In case you’re okay with an epub or smargo books version, they’re available for about $7 Go Books • SmartGo

I know some people prefer a physical book, but just in case that happens to be a bit cheaper than elsewhere you come across it for example.


Thank you both for your advice! :slight_smile: I got really lucky and found the third volume on Ebay for 1€ and the first one is here on OGS in the puzzle section.


Happy for you!
I enjoyed the third one a lot, the one was far too easy when i read it but my guess is that you will need the two.
Hope you find that one.

Happy problems solving!



I got a little carried away :heart_eyes:


Nice. Don’t waste the problems by just reading the solution, my only piece of advice.
Happy studies!

What’s the thin white one on the left? My guess: go proverbs?


Thanks, that’s good advice! I think volume three is perfect for me right now, I can solve roughly half of the problems first try :slight_smile:

Actually the thin one is the german Go “newspaper”, someone gave it to me with one of the books :slight_smile:

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Deutsche Go Verbund Zeitung? Something like that :blush:?
Attack&defense +lessons in fundamentals are perfect choice at your level (even later)

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Exactly that!
Yeah, i’ve read a bit here in the forum what people are recommending :slight_smile:

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Moin Auri,

since you’re apparently a speaker of German, darf ich fragen, in welcher Gegend Du lebst?

I can recommend Robert Jasiek’s “First Fundamentals”, check out the generous “Sample Material”.
Maybe just a little early for you, but helped me a lot when I was around 17k. NOT second-hand but IMO well worth the €€.

Also, are you aware of the DGoB forum? People offer used books relatively often there. And while I’m at it, you can also join the DGoB Discord server (I can’t remember though having seen used book offers there yet).

Herzliche Grüße,
in der Lüneburger Heide


I got a little carried away

Naaah, if you stow away “the writting block’s delight” you’ll have more room for Go books :smiley:
“Winning Go” is also a nice book to have in mind.


Thanks for all the recommendations :slight_smile: I didn’t knew about these so I’ll have to check it out!!

und ich bin aus Stuttgart :smiley:

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Ah, dann hätte ich anstatt »Moin« wohl besser »Servus« geschrieben :laughing:

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