Seconds/Move not rounded

At the moment, when you hover over a square on the game graph, there are times/move displayed like “10.3333333333333s/move” etc. That’s a little too specific, don’t you think :wink:

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Where does it say that actually? Is this like time spent per move in a game and you can see it in analysis? I’d be curious about that feature (if that’s it), I didn’t know about it :slight_smile:

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Calling @anoek

Right here.

I think this is referring to the game graph of open challenges:

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Yeah that makes sense! I got excited a bit over the other thing. It’s mainly for live games that sometimes I spend too long on one move, and it’s interesting to see at which point in the game I hit byo-yomi :slight_smile:

It’s fixed, will be deployed probably later today