See restricted ranks for challenges?

Can we see what restricted ranks someone put on a challenges? I was looking for a game with someone +/-2 around 9:30 am cst. I found a couple of game that match, I try to accept the challenge, but I was too high of a rank to play them. I think OGS could add a column for restricted ranks.

I would just like to see what ranks, players are looking to play in their challenges.

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Please don’t add even more clutter to this mess.
Here’s some alternative ideas for user-friendlyness on the Play page:

  • When I mouse-over a challenge in the graph, the corresponding row in the table should be highlighted and vice-versa.
  • Where possible, information should be presented using icons with a tooltip, e.g. “Ranked=Yes”.
  • The little info box should show the rank restrictions every time, not just if it excludes me. This solves OP’s problem.

It is a well-meaning omission, but since the information is not available otherwise, I miss it. Maybe I’m generally fine to play a match against a 5k, but not if their restrictions are “1d-5d”.

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If you hover your mouse over “can’t accept” a tooltip will pop up saying the rank restrictions

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