Seeking help to design a club poster

Hey OGSers,

So, my go club has been looking to conduct some publicity to attract new members, and we’ve been looking to put up some posters at our local college campus. The problem is none of our current members, myself included, are any good when it comes to designs/images/anything-involved-in-the-actual-making-of-posters.

Our current best option is to borrow something from the AGA resource list:

This one, for example, we could use and just include our club information at the bottom:

Before I resort to this I was wanting to check with my fellow go aficionados. Does anyone here know of any other possible posters already available that may work? Would anyone be interested in designing a new one to share with the community in case anyone else is also wanting to do this?



Hey Eldyn,

Our club has 4 fliers we use

One is informative, one is what I call Star Trek Next Generation, It says A game for 21st Century, with a close up of a GO board and lettering reminiscent of STNG. We have a flier from the AGA kids tigers mouth ,
and my favorite.

We have an attractive Lady playing a game with club info, It states in small letters Advisory Actual Opponent may vary from one shown. If your interested in any of these let me know.

Fliers work well to get the word out.

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Oh I also made using cut open paperbags and paint GO posters. I painted the Japanese symbol of GO and in the corneres some rough board and stones. It had our name and location info. The cut out GO bowls held our business cards.