Seeking teaching game with 7k or higher. Offering teaching game to 16k or lower

I’m around a 12k at the moment and looking to make the jump into SDK. Hoping I can find someone who’s just good enough that I wouldn’t stand much of a chance of beating in even play to help me hone some strategies that will make me a stronger player.

I’m also offering teaching games to 16k and lower.

did you find what you were looking for?

Could you do a teaching game with me? I’m 20 kyu right now and I’m not too sure what I have to do to get better

Can you play a teaching game with me?, i´m starting (23k) and i would like to improve my level.
If it´s possible, a correspondence game would be great.

I’d be happy to play teaching games with lapost48 and/or Chusimaths if they want. Also with lostoposum if he wants, though I’m probably a tad weaker than he’s looking for.

I’m happy enough giving you a teaching game if you would like Lostoposum?

Hey I’d like a teaching game as well. I’m 22k, and i’d like some practical advice from a more experienced player.