Seems like the server is down

Please check the game below.

my game
The auto-score system is not working correctly, nor is the resign button, not to mention that the AI summary of my previous game is still “processing.”

And after my opponent runs out of time, the game is just stuck there instead of game over.

Not sure what to do now.


same here, cannot resign from games.

I’m running into the same issue. First it auto-scored my game incorrectly (giving me 2 points), then after playing one more move it won’t let me accept the auto-score/removed stones (clicking doesn’t do anything). jsbrucker vs. iloveyouto124578

Yeah, this seems to be affecting most people at the moment. I think we just have to wait until one of the developers come online. Depending on where in the world OGS is based (I think US?) the team could be asleep.

Yes, OGS is based in the U.S.

I think thing should be either back to normal or near it