Seki or Dead? Review Position Request 10k

At about Move 200, I thought B had killed the two W groups right side and right top corner – is this true or is it a seki? Thanks BenBa

8910564-228-gangster007-BenBa.sgf (1.9 KB)

The lower group is seki, but the upper group is dead (since black can play t14 to make an eye)
Thats an interesting position

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I don’t see how the lower group is seki. White will be able to kill the black stones inside, but won’t be able to make two eyes afterwards.

Seki means if he tries to kill black stones, he’s dead. And if black tries to kill white, he’s giving living eyespace

I know. I just don’t see how is white going to live, after taking the black stones. I tried some sane variations, and they end whit the lower white group dying.

He’s not. Thats the meaning of seki

How do you suggest that black can kill that group without allowing it to live? White is not obliged to kill those three stones, just so you know. Point in fact, she’s not obliged to even move at all, until it becomes convenient.

If Black tries to kill white, it’ll eventually self-atari, and after white captures the 6 black stones that would be required to atari (after outside liberties are filled too), white would have a living eyespace and be unconditionally alive after it plays one move. If white tries to kill the black stones, it’ll self atari itself and black will be able to kill it (assuming black plays no more moves and all outside liberties are filled). Therefore, the best plan of action would be for neither to make a move, and neither are really dead, therefore it is seki.

Never mind, I looked again. I see it now. Previously I allways moved with white too early which resulted in a dead shape.