Selected Translation: Limiting Your Opponent's Influence

I’ve translated selected part of 2 other articles about limiting your opponent’s influence, they are teaching articles by professional player and institution. I hope those articles can help you find new way of invasion. However in the article the teaching and passing on the understanding rely heavily on metaphors and opinions that is very difficult to translate so I wonder how many information might be lost in translations.

Also my apologize for the article this time is a bit thin, I’m having some rough time and isn’t very keen on doing perhaps anything. And hopefully next week I could shake it off and stop looking back in anger lol. hopefully we can have another big 15+ pages article very soon.

I hope you can enjoy this article, to close out I’d like to start a poll to choose the next article.

  • Samsung Cup
  • Asian Game Female Final
  • New views on old game Kejie v. Lee Sedol
  • Whichever
  • On top of that I’d also like to see a more introductory teaching article (for kyus)s)
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This is nice. As a DDK, I could more or less follow the second article.

I get “Secure Connection Failed” when I try to follow the link to the article.

Without wishing to be rude, the standard of English displayed in your post, although not too bad, suggests you probably really need a native speaker to go through your translation to make sure you are really getting the meaning across accurately. Hard to be sure as I can’t access it.

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I’m sorry for the inconvenience, My host provider requires annual validation of email address, but the problem is now fixed, and the link should be working by now.
Also thank you for pointing out the language problem, which I’m having some difficulties. Hopefully after using an AI grammar checker it will be better, but that would not happen until perhaps next year for grammerly is expensive.
Thank you again for the reminder and I hope the coming articles will be in better quality.


The article seems to say: try to find weaknesses near the corner, don’t necessarily try to live in the corner, don’t try to save all stones and be flexible, i.e. if you started with the idea of saving stone A, you may change your mind later and decide to save stone B instead.

On the other hand, variations are very difficult to read (for me).

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Thanks, yes, I can open it now.

Skimming, the translation seems reasonably comprehensible despite various language errors. I think it would be much better to collaborate with a native English speaker than to expect that grammar-correcting software can make the explanations lucid. Maybe someone on this forum would like to work with you?

On the other hand, something is better than nothing, so even if parts of your translations are impenetrable, there can still be benefit gained from what is fully comprehensible.

Anyway, even if no one proofreads your text for whatever reason, don’t worry, I think your translated article is perfectly understandable. The hardest part is to understand go technique, not the language.