Selected Translation of go Magazine: Samsung cup selection

Hello everyone!
Sorry for the delay, and I wish you’ll all enjoy this article about Huang v. Ke, which includes many surprises. Unfortunately the content is perhaps a little hard to follow without a board for middle level amateur players so I have uploaded a sgf with it so that you can see the sequence on a PC.
Also the language problem is always a tricky one but since I’m already behind scheduled I’ve decided to release this article asap. My apology in advance for any misunderstanding. Also since I’m Chinese and most go term in English is translated from Japanese I have referred to this webpage so if there is a term that looks strange perhaps you could look it up here first. [1]
Hope you all enjoy this article
Live long and prosper :vulcan_salute:

[1] go terms translation: Chinese Go Terms at Sensei's Library


Because some ATP group are using PDF files as attack vectors I should include the SHA1 of my pdf file and my zip, they are
PDF: 0f7e71ae240278b2bb79ac0d89574ce40118cf2c
ZIP: 4e62450500dccbabf7a0eba155e09b603f599e79
they have been scanned for virus in VirusTotal and is safe to download


What an exciting game! Thank you for posting the translation. I had no problem understanding it. I’d love to see more of this sort of thing.

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Thank you for sharing! I’m excited to check it out.