Self destructed my account, please help

Hello, it is me (formerly know here as Adam3141), let me tell you my sad story.

A while ago (yesterday) I noticed I can change my username in the profile settings since the upgrade. I always wanted to be only Adam (I added the beggining of Pie when I lost patience trying to find a free username) and thought I would give it a try. My attempt resulted in some error being displayed. However, I am not one to easily give up and thought to myself the error might just that the username is already taken. Stupidly I tried adding a space (or two I am not really sure :frowning: after Adam) and joy of joys it worked. I then proceeded to logout and wanted to log in again, when to my horror I discovered I cannot. Neither with the original username, nor with the new one.

The forgot my password fuction does not sem to help either.

Please, dear allmighty moderators give me my life back if at all possible. Yeah, I am retarded :smiley:

oh man, so sorry to hear that! I hope this can be fixed!

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Thank you for your sympathy :slight_smile: Have only myself to blame should have known using spaces was a bad idea :smiley: but I am hoping as well.

This is your account (because you are called Adam3141 in the previous games):

This is your username (copy-and-pasted here)
"Adam "
So, it certainly looks like a single space, but if I were you, I would try to copy and paste it from the website into the login form.

Good luck.

After trying this out, I think that the password check simply conflates your user name "Adam " with the other user called “Adam”, so you either need a mod to change your name or you need to contact Adam and try out what happens when you use his password or when he changes his username.

Thank you, yes, I am afraid the form simply ingores extra spaces. I tried being creative using &nbsp and similar, but to no avail :-D. I do not want to bother the real Adam asking for a password (seems enough he will have about 500 recover password e-mails in his inbox by now).

Hopefully one of the moderators will be able to change it back or something :slight_smile:

I gave you your old name again.


My hero! Thank you. I shall hang a portrait of you next to my goban or something.
Thank you very much :slight_smile:


@Adam3141, you could burn some incense in front of @mark5000’s avatar image :wink:

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