Semi-random starting position (new)

This is a reference post summarizing ideas for improving the current model of generating varied starting positions, created by runarberg:

This new thread was created as the first one got pretty long (could someone add ā€œ(old)ā€ at the end of the name and lock the previous thread?thanks @AdamR):

  • What constitutes an interesting/uninteresting starting position? We currently have stone-free margin (no stones near edges) and spreading apart. Is there any other factor?

  • To reduce clustering there are two types of ideas so far, each with a few specific models.

    1. Biased placing of stones
    • adaptive probability field: table of probabilities over the board that changes as stones are placed.
    • loose circle packing: guaranteeing certain length of minimum separation between stones. (edit: this feels too restrictive alone; perhaps combine?)
    1. Post-processing a randomly generated configuration
    • repulsive random walk: probability to move in each direction varies with crowdedness.
    • reluctant walker: accept or reject a candidate move according to relative crowdedness of current and candidate location (aka Metropolis-Hastings algorithm).
  • There are multiple possible definitions for crowdedness.

    • distance to nearest stone.
    • each stone weighted according to distance: diluted contributions.
    • number of stones in a given radius: neighbor counting.
  • Taxicab geometry might be suitable: kosumi and one-space jump are considered the same distance.

  • Iā€™m thinking of relearning programming to attempt simulating and comparing those models. Iā€™m looking at ipython as it seems simplest but let me know if anyone knows a language better suited for this (grid based simulation).

  • The only method for comparison so far is visual inspection of generated configurations.

  • Using AI to ensure certain degree of fairness, which can be circumvented somewhat by some form of I-cut-you-choose at beginning of game. Bonus problem: optimal placement of a hole, which works like the edge, to balance the configuration of stones.

  • There is an unrelated OGS group with a similar idea:


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