"Send puzzle feedback" fails to send message, and IE fails to go back to the page

On http://online-go.com/puzzle/245 (which was open on IE11.0.9600.17358CO+11.0.13 on Windows7-64bit over night), I clicked on the “Send puzzle feedback” button, created a message and hit the Send Feedback button, which resulted in the message from the web page:
Failed to send message:{“detail”: “Authentication credentials were not provided.”}

Although the “Logout” button on the left lower corner was there, I thought my logged in status was lost over night, so I logged in again, and tried to go back to the puzzle page (copy and pasting http://online-go.com/puzzle/245 and hitting Enter), which showed a totally different puzzle, apparently from the same Fran’s Library.

I reloaded the page, and it showed the correct (I think) puzzle, but Black and White are flipped (black stones are now white, white stones are black, with the correct “Black to kill White without Ko” puzzle description shown, which used to be “White to kill Black without Ko” before.), and the location and the orientation on the board is turned around (now shown on top right corner, which used to be the lower right corner). I was able to send a test feedback message at this time.

Now I am lost as to 1. If I am facing any abnormal activity at all, 2. If the puzzle to URL assignment is intended to change, 3. If Color/orientation/location is intended to be assigned randomly, and 4. What color / location description to use in my feedback, which requires description of specific locations. Some guidance would be appreciated.

For your info, I originally reached the http://online-go.com/puzzle/245 page by clicking Next button from the beginning at https://online-go.com/puzzle/5, solving one puzzle after another, not by selecting from the dropdown list (the latter method apparently keep me on https connection rather than dropping me to http).

Concerning your points 3 and 4, random flipping and color switching are features that you can turn on/off by clicking the gear icon on the puzzle page (it’s on the far right). It’s best to turn these off before sending feedback, that way you’ll see the problem as the author created it.

Thanks a lot. I found that out after creating the topic, and puzzle issues have been corrected by Françisa almost immediately. To a newbie to OGS like me, those settings (the two options for randomness), are far better to be OFF as default, as opposed to the current default ON.