Separate rank for different board sizes

Wouldn’t it be better if the ranks were set for each board size?
Go player might be 5k on 9x9 board and 2k on 19x19 but the current ranking system is not reflecting it.

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I really think this would be a great feature for OGS.

Are the different sizes already weighted by size?

It is a good idea but i feel like it would be very confusing considering OGS already has separate ranks for correspondence, live and blitz, unless we scrap those and replace them with board sizes.

Why would it be confusing? The confusing part about ranks at present is largely due to the widespread reporting of ambiguous ranks in various parts of the UI, not the number of ranks per se. Chess servers like lichess maintain ratings for three time controls of classical chess plus a number of variant games. I don’t think they are confused over there.

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