Serious bug, conditional system moved wrong move

This game:

I had a conditional move set, starting with white playing E5. White played D5 instead, and then OGS made black play E5.

This is pretty serious, as it effectively breaks the conditional move system.

Hmm, doesn’t seem to be reproducible. Are you sure you didn’t accidentally swap those when you planned them out? Also if you did punch in that sequence then go back to correct the error but didn’t delete the previous plan, it’ll keep it in there, might this have been what happened?

I’m sure. I only planned out a single line, and that involved white playing at E5. Because the sequence went a couple moves after that, it wouldn’t have been possible if I had transposed the colors or moves.

If I had made that error, the rest of the sequence would have been impossible to input.

Also, I’m not sure if it matters, but the move sequence I had in there was probably 10-15 moves deep (just 1pt endgame moves). I doubt length would matter, but it was a rather long sequence (only single tree)

Interesting and unfortunate, I’ll dig into it and see if I can reproduce it… has anyone else had any similar issues?

@daegs, can you send me a challenge forked off that game? We can go back and try to reproduce it.

was there a ko involved?, as i think i remember having some issues before with moves after recapturing a stone, luckily it wasn’t relevant im my case

I was playing a game with xhu98 before and something similar happened. Normally, we are not allowed to enter conditional moves lines that start with our own move. However, I was able to do that. Furthermore, I couldn’t edit these perverse conditional move triggers once they were entered. They were not triggered and disappeared once xhu98 played his next move.

I didn’t try recreating the bug, but perhaps it’s worth looking into.

I dont know if it is related or not but I can’t delete some variations using my smartphone (Xperia z, using Chrome) in conditional moves.

I can’t try for now with another device. Here the game link

It does not matter for the current game, just saying I saw this.