What the hell??
Anyone else??


Probably everyone else :frowning:


Fuck!! I just lose a rank game because this !!! (Mad


I’m only playing correspondence for now, until things clear up…


Can u see any game in the browser right now?


Nope, nothing loads


:cry: damn server


Working fine again now


I feel like you could have read any of the other forum posts that say connection issues before making your own post about it,


Sure, just like you’d also curse your girlfriend/boyfriend/wife/husband when they’re sick, right? :wink:


Dude. Read the other posts about this and you’ll see that you can message the mods and have the rating points returned. Just send them the game link you lost due to timeout because of connection issues.


Come on, folks, let’s take it easy now :wink:

Hopefully the trouble is over, until the next trouble that will for sure turn up at some time. You see, it’s not like in our local Go club where we can just throw the Go board at our opponent :smiley:

I for one remember well how little it took at times for me to throw a fit (even if it was 50 years ago :wink: ).

Closing this thread now since there are those other threads about this topic.

Peace, Tom