Server error when issuing a challenge on a ladder

even though I can make challenges on the site-wide ladder, challenging on fails with the message:
<h1>Server Error (500)</h1>
this is after it asks me whether to start a game.
my username is rantash.
trying to challenge mitava.

I’m using Chrome on Mac OSX Lion.
I also tried from my iPad iOS 7 (Safari) after logging out from my Mac and it was the same.

your help would be much appreciated.

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This happened to me yesterday too, I was rechallenging a player i just resigned against,…
so I was assuming it was due to that, challenging another player was successful

You should have got a message saying you need to wait a week, not a server error.
In my case, the previous game against that player ended more than a week ago.

k, well, i did get a server error 500 instead of that error message, so it might be there the issue is

ie, you’re supposed to get an error, but get the 500 error instead

Thanks for the report… seems like there is a bug in letting you know that you can’t quite challenge that user just yet… I’ll get that fixed up :slight_smile: Actually this is fixed currently in our 4.2 branch so it’ll be released with the next major update.