Server makes random moves?

When I play a correspondence game, it has happened to me a few times that the server makes a random move for me, instead of the one I actually played

Hey! Welcome to the forums, great to have you here! <3
A couple of quick questions to get started:

  • Do you play on a mobile device (phone / tablet), on a laptop, or at a computer?

  • Do you have your correspondence settings set to single click submit, double click submit, or submit move button?


Thanks for your interest.
I play on an IPhone with „submit button“, since I often hit the wrong point of 19x19 touchscreen, so I can correct it

Yeah I know the feeling. Touchscreens can be so weird sometimes, there are a lot of reports of them picking up ghost touches… I found personally that I had to scroll down to see the submit button and if i did that over the board sometimes it would register as a click…

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I know that problem.
What I experienced is this:
I make a move and hit the „submit“ button, the screen switches to the next game, and when I come back later it shows that I have made a completely different move :hushed:

Maybe turn off the option to switch to the next game automatically, and see whether that weeds it out?


Can you do a screen recording of this? If it’s non-systematic, it’s probably a layer 8 issue.

Ok, thanks for the idea, I have deactivated automatic game switch now.
Don’t know how to make a screen recording, sorry