Server outage

Hi All,

We’re aware of the ongoing server outage. Our services, as far as I can tell, are up, I suspect there might be something going on at GCP, where our servers reside, but I have no confirmation on that yet. There’s another site I frequent that is also suspiciously down, so I think it’s affecting multiple sites. I have no confirmation that this is the problem yet, but it’s my current hypothesis. I’m continuing to investigate though.


And it’s back. Definitely some outage somewhere, no idea where the failure was though… but hooray for whoever fixed it!


They were waiting for you to make a post before turning it back on :wink:


Alas, I was hoping for another rank boost. :woman_shrugging:


apparently also spotify was down o.o


Spotify is still down :frowning:

Not just Spotify, according to, Snapchat, Discord and even Google (probably the source?) are down

Pokémon GO is also down, so we’re not the only Go that can’t Go :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, to me, OGS seems quite without link to google as the last is never accessible but i have good connection with the first.

Yes, not Google directly, but Google is also one of the largest providers of cloud storage, and they host several essential tools that many sites depend on. I doubt the great wall is blocking all that, instead of just the search engine.

I object, we are the only Go that actually Goes (atm).

I dunno, no cloud, no google doc or sheet for ex too. But this maybe not the right answer as the firewall will not be a problem outside between a server and its google tools.

Can you visit this for example? That’s jquery hosted in Google’s cloud

I can’t


Well, I’ve seen multiple places claim that it was an outage from the Google Cloud that brought down everything. Google itself confirms that as well.

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Yes yes could be still.

OverLeaf was also down and the site returned a Google 404 error page.

A Cloud seems like a great idea for people who work while they travel, or want independence from specific hardware. But imagine that a whole company relies on a cloud and it goes down. Just as a computer needs reliable backup, so do clouds need switchover to a standard server. Just my opinion.