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Hi I am thinking about site options

in user profile A filter for

  • ranked/ unranked games (without reviews\
  • table size
  • public/private games
  • generate HTML list for printing (not necessary because you can paste in a word the recordset that is retrieved from database.

I don’t think about “searching after name” is viable so all option above could be enough for finding sorting games.

Another point is a tournament Jubango type.
To create an option that permit a tournament between 2 people in ten rounds. But the games will start manually after the end of a round. If i play live i don’t like to stay 10 hour for games. Even if is correspondence game. if me or the opponent don’t have time to play we can lose by time.

I know a person beside me who likes the idea of a jubango tournament.
If i have other ideas i will update this topic
If sombody else have ideas feel free to post.Some ideas might become reality. Other … dreams.

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I second the idea of Jubango-style tournament between two players, with a little more flexibility:

  1. the number of rounds could range from one to ten
  2. the games could start either manually or automatically after the end of a round
  3. multiple games (between the same two players) could start simultaneously in a correspondence Jubango-style tournament

For this can be use the actual tournament settings a little tweaked. But we need the option to manual advance the round.
Ex Round 1 Finished - Round 2 awaiting to start. After players decided the time. push start round button and play. This way you can set any number of rounds. And can be used in any other type of tournament. You can set max 2 players for a so called jubango or 100 players for a normal tournament.
You will see the paring in the tournament window discuss with the opponent the time and start the game.

I third the idea of a Jubango-style setting.

Is there a listing on uservoice for it?

Suggestions and Feature Request should be made on:

You can vote for game history filtering here:

Jubango idea is here:


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