Server Upgrade alert

I’ve been away, come back to my device and see Server Upgrade alert. It tells me nothing about when.

It would be nice if the alert included the time it was sent. Is there any way it can be done so the time is converted to the user’s local time?

Probably already happened.

There was a major upgrade recently, and there were some issues with it, hence the alert.

Yeah, I’ve noticed that. Again, in more detail, since I have not been sitting here staring at the screen I have no idea if the notification came an hour ago or 10 seconds before I looked at the screen; therefore I would like to see a time tag on it. Who/what-ever issues the alert knows what time it is sent, just add that to the box.

Your request seems reasonable to me. I don’t know what would be best, but I reckon maybe post this issue on GitHub

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