Server upgrade issues

Hello @Wulfenia, I’m sorry but I was not directly talking to you. My post was more a global reaction to all the feedback to the OGS upgrade and related issues :slight_smile:



I suffered this bug while yesterday I was still playing my part which is considered lost at the time, it misses several blows and with this bug I was discalified tournament without reason :frowning:

I hope you can resolve this


It may surprise you, but I was not taking about you, nor to you. However, since you are touchy and called me a coward, allow me to explain.
First, I was talking more generally (sic!) about the backlash throughout the forum, especially some users overreacting, taking this as a total disaster, threatening to abandon OGS because such problems are unheard of, accusing devs of doing their work poorly etc. Please, do search the forum for examples, I will not pollute this thread further.
Second, I actually agree with you that @trohde’s joke has done more harm than good.
Third, as you have asked for it. Yes, I now do think that you are grumbling and whining and overreacting. Touchy as well, and arrogant. See your comment history for examples. I can pick some, if you can’t figure it out on your own. If you want, let’s continue this in another thread or via PMs.

Have a nice day!

EDIT: I do apologize that I’ve lost my temper.

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Lost my #7 position on sitewide 9x9 ladder due this game (also 4 last moves are missing from game record.

I joined back to ladder, but i wonder if i can get my position back?

hi Anoek,
If I undestand the above correctly then the overwriting was doen in het case below:
21:52 (18 uur geleden)

aan mij
Nederlands Bericht vertalen
Uitschakelen voor: Engels

Game dohduhdah vs rosseforp has concluded!

Game result: rosseforp by Timeout, game annulled

Visit to review the game.

When we viited this game it showed only 2 moves, while we were around move 35.

Best regards,



No, it wasn’t even meant to be a joke, but simply a statement of my very personal thoughts/feelings, and I thought I had made that clear enough.

Also, perhaps to show how much worse it could all have been, or what much worse measures could have had to be taken to clean it all up. I’m very happy that it didn’t come that far.

Sorry if I hurt anybody’s feelings by expressing mine :wink:


Not sure how that is a helpful line of thought. If you are talking about worst case scenarios and being glad about “how much worse it could all have been”, you might as well be glad that a giant asteroid has not wiped out humanity.


Well I for one am glad that giant asteroid had not wiped out humanity :smiley:


Haven’t heard yet from anoek on problems related to using my Kindle. But you have larger issues and Ive found work-arounds. so, when you get around to it . . . But in the meantime my support for OGS, you and all(?) developers is unwavering. Best of luck! :wink:


I had a game get messed up, but I just wanna say thanks for running OGS because it is the best go server on the internet. Downloading software and running programs outside web browsers is completely impractical in 2017, and every other go server feels like it was designed in 1955. If I go to a public library or use a friend’s computer I can’t just start downloading .exe files. That’s not to mention the strange restrictions other servers use. OGS is already clearly the most popular server on reddit and outside asia/oceania. There is every reason to expect it to (not only) keep growing, but within 5-10 years overtake fox and others unless they implement the web too.

Also, I expected problems with a server upgrade (having been a server op myself) because how could you possibly test this without just going for it. I’m excited the server runs fast now, the new menus are better too.


So one player wants to have the game annulled at move N because the outcome starting from that move N might come out less favorably. The other player should want the gam to continue from move N because the outcome might be more favorable. It seems to me that there are two fair ways to deal with the situation that balance both player’s interests: (1) Continue playing from move N and let the chips fall where they may (2) Mutual agreement to annul the game.

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I agree with you in general, but there’s then a problem with tournaments. I guess those people will just have to go with the first option.

So what’s the problem with rewinding all disqualifications in the tournaments which happened due to the time out bug?

Well, there are various categories of games and it might be a good idea to use the opportunity presented to work out some policies for the future. Tournaments (time limits might make a difference), rated or unrated.

It would not be bad if the rules for a particular tournament specify how some contingencies will be dealt with. It might be a little more complicated to implement but decouples issues related to that tournament from more general ones.

There is also the option to give the tournament director the possibility to un-disqualify people which puts the responsibility of dealing with contingencies on the tournament director.


I’d be okay with an asteroid wiping out humanity as long as it didn’t wipe out my OGS game records.


Yes, this is one of the most elegant and the easiest way to resolve the problem, both good to reduce the burden of the site admins and to the tournament participants.

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Yes! The reason I came to OGS was that I don’t have to download enabling software, a very dangerous thing to do.

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All good. It’s a game, everybody.


The new version is fantastic. I was able to finish a ranked game with robot, which I never had any success in the past.