Ladder repair update

Dear OGS,

As a result of Server upgrade issues and earlier timeout problems on Monday, there were a number of people kicked out of ladders and tournaments in addition to being incorrectly timed out of games. The good news is I was able to repair the ladders a bit based on historical data - so if you were kicked out of a ladder because of a timeout, you should be back in the ladder now in a spot pretty close to where you were. This restoration isn’t perfect as ladders have progressed and spots shift around, but it should get things close to where they should be.

Unfortunately, this is not so “easily” done with the tournaments. I’m afraid I will do more harm than good with repair attempts with the tournaments. Again, I am terribly sorry for the timeout problems and the problems that have arisen because of them. The root cause for them has been mitigated as best as we can for now, and will be completely eliminated as soon as the data finishes migrating, the servers are working as fast as they can to move that data, but it’s quite a bit so it’ll still be a few days before that process is fully complete.

- anoek


Thank you! Kudos! Awesome! You’re the best! 5/5! Love you! etc.


Thanks a lot for restoring the ladder positions!