Server upgrade issues


For the iOS mobile interface, is it possible to disable the display of the lists for Tournaments, Groups, Ladders, and Friends? They overlap the main game list rendering the Home view completely useless. The only way into the games where it is my turn is the round move indicator button. The home list doesn’t reveal in which games it is my turn. I can’t select a specific game from that list anyway with all the overlapping text. So far the upgrade has resulted in a far inferior experience on iOS. I happily support the site and will continue to do so. Please help with this. I love this site but it is barely usable for me now.


I thought they just were blank


@anoek and your team,

To me, losing a game is to improve the quality of future games.
I do think this apply to the server too:
A problematic upgrade is to improve the quality of future OGS,
it was never for just this moment.
Good job maintaining this server,
good job contributing to the go world.

Note: I did not read through all of the above response.


This is the third occasion on which I’ve lost a game due to OGS issues. The first time a moderator ended a tournament game in my opponents favor while I was on vacation because apparently the game was taking too long (I was the unlucky person on vacation at the time, my opponent had been on vacation for a lengthy period of time shortly prior to that). Later, the server didn’t go to weekend on time and so I timed out of a game that was set to pause on weekends well after the weekend normally starts every week. I posted on the forum and got no response from anyone official. And now I’ve been disqualified from a tournament that I’ve been playing in for the last two years due to an upgrade bug. I understand that issues happen from time to time, but this is becoming a pattern, and the OGS team has displayed a consistent unwillingness to remedy such problems when they occur. I’m not sure how this could be “the best place to play go online” when there’s constantly a risk that you will just spontaneously lose your games through no fault of your own.


Another way to look at it is you’ve been playing here for 3-4 years and it only happened three times =D. >_>


@trohde like others, I was not happy to be disqualified in a tournament and see my ranking go south for no reason. But as a go player what I care about most is to finish the games I have already invested time in. Don’t take this away from me!

I’d rather lose a fair game against you than win by timeout :slight_smile:


[quote=“SanDiego, post:66, topic:10772”]
@trohde like others, I was not happy to be disqualified in a tournament [/quote]Well, I guess nobody is :wink:

[quote]and see my ranking go south for no reason.[/quote]… but it wasn’t “for no reason”, you realize that?

Heck, it was a friggin’ accident, and I’m happy if our developers can finally find some sleep again. WITHOUT NIGHTMARES.


That sounds like a reasonable approach to me.


ao you are a developer and can not resolve the problem,very sheat,sorry to say that but is the tru,i los many game by that and now i aam disqualificated in some tournament


that is rigth ,the director must have it


Well damn, I am sorry. I know I am supposed to react to the content and not the style in which it is presented, but when the content is almost undecipherable I am (by my religion) expected to say: RIP English :frowning:

By what? timeout? Many? I see two games you lost on timeout this year, both of which were annulled… That doesn’t seem so bad… Others had it much worse :smiley: And if you were kicked out of one tournament for it that is unfortunate and I sympathize, but I am sure there will be plenty more tournaments to choose from. Nothing so bad happened to you to justify the use of such language.