I am going away for a vacation soon and I saw this post which is making me wonder if I go on a vacation will the same thing happen to me?
I deleted the link since I did not do it properly. The link is reply 6.
Post 63/72, Sever Upgrade Issues

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  1. the time you have left on your vacation clock is always visible to you and you should manage not to run out of time unless you take extensive breaks, where you are not playing at all. be aware, that vacation time keeps depleteing from your clock even though it might be weekend and games might be paused anyway. as for weekend pauses… the times for those can vary for you, because they depend on what timezone the tournament/game is hosted in (if i am not mistaken…).

  2. moderators ending games because they take too long is also something i dont think happens frequently and its certainly only done in extreme cases. it hasnt happened to me, and i just recently used up all my vacation.

  3. server issues cant be ruled out completely, fortunately they dont always lead to data loss. a few months ago ogs was undergoing a major update and with it came some hickups, but under normal circumstances this is very uncommon to happen. to my knowledge this has nothing to do with being on vacation either and not going on vacation wont protect your games, should there be problems.

TL;DR: there is no reason to be scared to use your vacation time! :slight_smile:

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OGS v5.0 was by far our largest update ever. It consisted of multiple major refactoring and enhancement projects on both our backend and front end code bases. I’m pretty certain we’re not going to have an upgrade of that scale again. At least, I’m not aware of any plans to have one.

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Thank you both of you.

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Here’s the game I was referencing in my original post: It was the last game in the tournament, by a good margin (largely because of a month of vacation by my opponent earlier), but still I don’t really see how a one move a day correspondence game lasting for three months is an “extreme case”. I’ve got a one move a day tournament correspondence game going on now that’s six months in.

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i agree! of course i didnt know the circumstances of your situation and i didnt mean to imply that your complaint wasnt justified. my apologies!

yours is thankfully still the only case of it happening that i know, so i dont think its common practice (at least i dont hope so). i will continue to use my vacation as i see fit :slight_smile:. maybe ill be the one complaining at one point.

Fair enough. It’s only ever happened to me the once, and I haven’t heard of any other cases (although when I corresponded with the moderator later, he implied that it was somewhat common practice). Still, in my humble opinion, once is too many times.