Server with more people?

I’ve recently started to learn chess (only had like 20-30 games in my life) on lichees. It brought back a lot of memories when I was learning go and I started to miss it. What I like the most about lichees at the moment is that I can get a game with someone my level and the time settings I like (blitz) instantly.

I tried to play some 9x9 blitz here but it seems that there are no games like this going on. There are around 100-200 live games going on here in comparison to like 25000 on lichees.

Do you know of any go servers with similar popularity (can be in Asian for eg)? I love ogs and was even a supporter years ago but I just don’t have the time to wait if I have just few spare minutes.

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You answered your own question. Try Fox or Tygem.

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On the other hand, people going to Tygem / Fox because OGS doesn’t have enough people are exactly the reason there aren’t enough people here…


It’s quite the catch 22 isn’t it?

Well hopefully we can entice people to come and stay on account of our excellent memes and other forums tomfoolery.

What other go server offers a correspondence-pace democratic Yahtzee game?


Fast correspondence-pace democratic Yahtzee game. Very very fast correspondence. :smiley:


The best server with more people to get quick games on is OGS, after you convince a few thousand more people to come and regularly play live games here :slight_smile:


I know, I love ogs but I no longer want to play correspondence.

How about you try other servers and then come back and report your findings about other servers~

Good idea, not sure though if I will test it much as I’m more into chess right now. But I’ll try one of @Vsotvep suggestions.

For 9x9, you might wait some even on other servers.
The best for getting fast 9x9 games is GoQuest


Yeah I was going to ask whether other servers support 9x9 games. In particular do they have 9x9 rated games for instance? Other than the linked goquest