Servers down?

Some servers seems to be down; there isn’t any played games (live or correspondance).

Any official server status somewhere?

Everything seems fine here?

Yep it’s back. Maybe it was only momentarily. Thanks!

I was wondering the same thing because I’ve found I can no longer log in to OGS or ogs-forums with Google-Chrome. Fortunately Windows Internet Explorer is still working, albeit imperfectly.

I’m on chrome and working fine.

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Thankyou @BHydden . Unfortulately that means I have no idea what’s going on. Business as usual then. :slight_smile:
Clearing browser data didn’t work. Resetting Chrome didn’t work. System Restore to a time when it was working, didn’t work. Uninstall and reinstall Chrome worked. :crazy_face: Wish I knew why but that’s the world I live in.

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