Set players during demo game

It would be great if it where possible to set players after a demo has been started.
As you can do on KGS, it’s a great teaching tool, I’m going to teach a group class over OGS today and it would be useful to at given times be able have one of the students to play from any giving position(I know I can fork the game, but then I would need everyone to follow to the new link)

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If I understand correctly what you would like to achieve, this is already possible.

In the list of observers, you can click on any name and transfer control to them. (As the author of the demo you can then always “steal it back” by clicking on your name and giving control to yourself in the same way).

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I don’t want to give control per say, but set two players who will play starting from the current position in the review, that is an insanely usefull tool for classes ^^
I had to open 6 or 7 separete games today with the students, but on the other hand I used the drawing tool a whole lot

Assign “white” to someone and assign “black” to someone else, rather than one person having control for both colors… That would be a good feature.


exactly, and to be able to snatch control back if needed be :slight_smile:

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