Set undo move

Currently, when playing a correspondence game, if someone has to undo, it generally takes a long time. Player A requests an undo, B accepts a few hours later, A plays a replacement another few hours later, and then the game continues, having delayed the game for the equivalent of three moves.

My suggestion is this: when requesting an undo in correspondence games, pick a move as the corrected move, which gets autoplayed when the undo is accepted (or discarded if the undo is rejected). This would be available even in games with analysis turned off (where conditional moves are disabled), as showing which move you would have preferred to take is hardly analysis. It’s simply a feature that would make it easier for both parties.

In summary: choose a move to be autoplayed when undo is accepted to save time.


Are you proposing this would this be a requirement to request undo, or optional? Whilst I agree in many cases it makes sense, in some cases (random misclick as you move mouse/finger across board and click/tap accidentally) you want to undo but haven’t yet decided where you would like to play. In such a case I’d like to request undo immediately (to indicate it was an undo for miclick and not regret of a bad move on reflection, and stop opponent playing before I have spent the time I wish to think and decide what move I actually want to play).

Right - but it seems like a nice idea for correspondence because you actually have the time to think about what you want to play instead?

Even in correspondence I might quickly misclick and want to undo before I have time to spend as long thinking about that move as I would like. Say I’m playing in the last 10 minutes of my lunch break, and there’s a tough game I want to spend 30 mins on a move. Your opponent could also be online so they could reply to your misclick quickly before you decided on the instead move even if that’s only 2 minutes.

As a general principle of etiquette, undos (for misclicks) should be asked for as soon as possible because that helps the other person believe (without no need for chat in a common language) it was indeed a misclick and not a misthink and later regret.

Definitely optional. It’s just an option if you’d find it useful

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Then I support it. I also wonder about displaying the corrected move to the other player as part of the undo request? That could also help them to see it was a misclick with the nearby sensible coordinate proposed and accept it with no fear that you might think more and play an even better move :slight_smile:.


Not only that. Because it’s rude to interrupt someone thinking on a move and ask him to consider another one