Setting on beta site Pachiderm as a bot

Hi admin(s),

I want to set up this account as a bot.
owner: khiem.nguyenduy95

I’m very new to OGS. I’m doing a research on smaller board size, so want to set up a bot online for my professors and their friend experiment the progress (7x7 to 9x9).
Is there any existing guide to create a bot? I forked leela and did experiment on it.

Thank you,
Khiem Nguyen

I marked the account as bot.
The account you linked is the same as the owner account? Can you provide a link to the owner account?

If your bot supports (and Leela does) you can use as interface between OGS and your AI. It should be easy to setup and configure.

Yes, it is the same with owner account.
Thank you!