Setting the ranks

I have tried to set up 17-21 opponents. I get people accepting from 1k- 25k I Have changed the - and + all over the place… It is just not working.

Can someone tell me exactly what will work for me for the ranks mentioned above?

Can you show us a screenshot of the settings panel that you have used.

Thanks I will

And with these settings, when you click on “normal” in the quick match finder you get opponents more than two ranks stronger than you? It seems weird that you would be the only reported case of such a major bug.

Just to clarify - in case it is only a misunderstanding of the interface-

There are two separate ways to get a game on OGS. The Quick match finder (the automatch) and Custom Game.

The settings in the screenshot above affect only the automatch. Meaning after you click the Normal button under the Quick match finder title the computer will automatically accept the first game that matches your preference.

Hower the custom Games panel below this window will be completely unaffected by these settings. From there you can manually pick any game that you want, regardless of the automatch settings. You can also create any such game with the custom Game button.

Also note that these settings might not cary over between multiple devices. That is if you set this on your laptop and than play a game on your mobile phone you might revert to default settings.


Adam explained it well.

Here’s a thread where I also gave a similar explanation, in case a different version helps you:



Thank you. It is something that I did not know. It is clear now.

No problem, that’s why we’re here :slight_smile:
Not everyone expects to have two seperate ways of getting games :smiley: but it works well :slight_smile: