Setting the time

Hello. Could someone help me explaining how do I set up the time If I want to play lets say for 10 minutes? I thought that I had it set up but the games never ended for at least 30 minutes or more. I wonder whether I dont know how to. Thank you

Hi, I think this is the game you refer to:
Fischer: Clock starts with 1 minute 30 seconds and increments by 30 seconds per move up to a maximum of 5 minutes.

First the maximum is the maximum time the clock of one player can have at any time, not the total time each player has.

For the duration of a game, you have only to take the time per move into account (if main time isn’t incredible large). A typical 19×19 game takes about 240 moves. Some games may take longer, but let’s assume 240 is a good approximation. You want the game to last 10 minutes, so the time per move should be 600secs / 240moves = 2.5 s/move.

As you can see, 10 minutes for a game isn’t much time. You have to blitz the whole game to stay within 10 minutes. I wouldn’t recommend such fast time settings at all. If you keep insisting on the 10 minutes, you can try Canadian 4m + 20s / 10 moves or Byo-Yomi 4m + 10x 2s. Most probable one of you will time out with this time settings.

Btw: these estimations aren’t precise: your 30s per move would result in 30sec x 240 = 2hours, but neither player uses the whole 30 secs for each move.


Thank you for your information. I did have the clock at 10 minutes but it continued for what it seems an eternity. That is why I am asking here in case I am doing something wrong.

sorry, btw, I dont like to play fast I prefer a 20min. but I dont see people setting their clocks for that long. I see a lot of less than five minutes. So… my confusion

There’s more information available on clock types and settings here:

I’ve found fischer with low main time and short time increasement being the most suitable for fast games. Something like “2–5min + 10–15s/move, cap at 5–10mins” does make ppl play really fast, but gaining full 10 seconds with each move meant that games wont end up as timeouts that often.

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