Setting up games for other players?

In the thread about “Custom OGS Online Leagues”:

… the reason that those features relate to “organisations” is because the organisation wants a rank for each player from the games that they play that are set up by the organisation.

Tell me more about “Being able to set up games for other players is a really useful feature!”

As a non-organisation person, what do you want this for?

I feel like tournaments is the big one (but that is being thoroughly discussed in other threads)

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Right, it sounds like exactly what we need to make custom tournaments like you were talking about here:

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As you say, that “reason for creating games for other people” should be covered.

So … what other reasons are there? :slight_smile:

Just to spitball, there’s been a couple times during virtual club meetings I’ve had trouble explaining the “create game” flow to less technically inclined users. It would have been simple if I could just create a game for other club members.

But I think the real fix for that specific scenario is to make the “create game” modal simpler…

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Ah “snap”! (posts crossed saying the same thing)

Yeah, lots of the underlying stuff is similar, which is nice, and why each little bit helps with momentum on the next bit.

To be pedantic, the tournament system is not “a person setting up games for other people”, rather it will be “a person configuring a system that will set up games for other people”.

Along the same pedantic lines, the COOL API is a person using an API to set up games for other people on behalf of their organisation" :slight_smile:

“You da man!” :wink: :smiley:

(Sorry, it just doesn’t sound the same if I write ‘you da person’, even though that’s what I mean)

On topic: still happy to hear if there are other uses for “setting up a game for other people”

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