Settings changed "by themselves"

Hi guys,

I have a bit of an issue as my name and email (in my settings) have somehow been changed to my wife’s name and email. And I had not touched these values for quite a long time.
I noticed as she received an email for the beginning of a tournament I enrolled in.
I’ve now changed it back to the correct details, but it seems quite strange and I would not like it happens again.

Could someone investigate on this ?



Hi Bentaye,

Do you log in with the Google button by any chance?

Hi anoek,

No, I only use the regular login button.
I however recall login in from my wife’s computer, not so long ago, to change my vacation status, and I am wondering if some kind of autofill could have changed the value in these fields (but they had values already).

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Ah interesting, that might very well explain it. I’ll try and reproduce that. If I can I should be able to disable autofill on the appropriate fields so that doesn’t happen.

Thanks for the report and follow up!