SGF downloads broken for non-latin characters in usernames

After the infrastructure upgrade it appears that SGF downloads aren’t working when usernames have non-latin (english?) characters in them. It seems like before this was handled in unicode. If for example a username has chinese/japanese characters in it, the downloaded file is called “sgf.sgf” and contains the string:

Error: TypeError: The header content contains invalid characters

This may be a regression. It might be in the file generation code.

Can you provide OS and Browser? It may not be related, but it will help with the investigation.

OS is Windows 8.1, browser is Chrome. I haven’t tried it on other OS/browser combos yet. Thanks.

For kicks I tried it on my iPad as well which has an sgf reader- same thing happens, which makes me suspect it’s a server-side issue.

Thanks for the information.

Can you provide a link to a game that displays this issue?

Sure, here’s an example:


Verified report. Chrome on ChromeOS, Firefox on Windows 7 Enterprise, and wget under Ubuntu.

All returned the same result. This does, indeed, look like a server-side effect.

It is possible that the code that writes the SGF uses a character set that does not support the code points needed for the names in this game. I will add that the SGF generated for one of my current games does not specify any character set. The default in the specification is ‘ISO-8859-1’ aka ‘Latin1’.

This is probably a regression. I remember encountering non-Western player names when I did my work on uberdownloader last year. I will see if any of them show the same behavior we have with the reported game.

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I’ve just encountered the same bug. Is it still not fixed?

When I download sgf, it contains only one string: “Error: TypeError: The header content contains invalid characters”

It’s still a problem for me. Paging @anoek @matburt

Hey All, sorry we haven’t had a chance to delve into this one, it’s been a pretty busy few weeks - I’ll try and get that fixed up this week.


Finally got the fix for this up, sorry for the delay!


Confirmed that it works for me again. Thanks!!


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got this same problem yesterday.

Maybe it has something to do when you or your opponent sets up the game and disables analysis?

Yes, analysis includes SGF downloading too it seems.

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That’s intentional, if analysis is disabled you can only download the sgf after the game is complete


I believe this bug is back. I can’t download any of my games in which my opponent has a name with non-latin characters.

Should be fixed for you now @laszlo743


Just checked. It works properly now. Thanks for letting me know.