SGF Library improvements?

This is not a top priority thing but I would like to see some filter added to the SGF library? Maybe the ability to upload it by date of the game, or the upload date? Maybe even by name or rank :-)!


To be honest, I think the best solution would be to have a user friendly way of downloading all your games. I.e. not having to resort to python scripts and APIs.
Then you could manage and search your library locally using a separate piece of software for that (like sabaki).

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Okay, except this would achieve not what I want. I use Drago to create my databases and libraries which I am pretty strict about. But, that does not then share that library online with others. Sure I can post the database through a download link. But, that would also not achieve exactly what I want :-).

I like the library here the way it is and I know its not a super important feature. So these are just future improvement suggestions related to OGS and not an alter program.

So I guess what I am trying to say is that my post was more so talking about the improvement of the library on OGS not really looking for a program that can act as a database for me.

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