Shopping, Strolling, Playing Go — Congratulations, Vienna!

Shoppen, Bummeln, Go spielen (Shopping, Strolling, Playing Go) — Congratulations, Vienna!

Summary: Planned in a pedestrian area in Vienna, Austria; the benches and permission come from the municipality, the table from a private sponsor (a lower five-digit amount (in €, I assume)); weatherproof 42" touchscreens, software being developed by volunteers, use will be free. The glass is bullet proof armoured glass.

Via, thank you, @Sighris!


Greetings, Tom


No problem Tom, thanks for reposting and the English summary. It looks nicely done, I would love to try it out… maybe someday you can meet me there and we could play a game! If you do move there, that would make the timing on my side easier, so let me know if you do that! :wink:

wow, that’s amazing. looks real classy. Congrats to Austria, clearly a civilised country :slight_smile:

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Time flies … meanwhile the Electronic Go Table with two boards has been inaugurated in a pedestrian zone in Vienna, Austria, just outside of the Go Club Go7 (

Check the photos at the end of the page.

Greetings, Tom

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Great article, Tom! :hatched_chick:

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Yes this is great! read about it :slight_smile: and i’m happy it’s installed and looking forward to play.
I’m visiting Germany at the moment, but when i m back i’d like to play with anyone who also lives in Vienna :).
Was looking for a Vienna group, too. Couldn’t find one :slight_smile: so pms are welcome.

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See above :wink:
and especially … it seems that Vienna is blessed with places to play Go :slight_smile:

Oh, and in case you’re in Northern Germany, consider dropping in at my place (Bispingen, Lüneburger Heide, 60 km to the South of Hamburg and 5 minutes away from the Autobahn A7) :wink: I even have a guest apartment you could use, and we could use my olden Goban :slight_smile:

That’s really neat. Wish I could visit Vienna. :smile:

So I was in Vienna for a couple of days recently. The club that had this touchscreen table in front has moved in the meantime. No idea if the table still exists or not. But I came across this in the city center:

Looks a lot like Go-stones, no? But look closely. It’s a hexagonal grid. So definitely not Go. :frowning:

What else might it be. Guess before reading on.


Thankfully there was a a text explaining what it is. Sort of hard to read, sorry for that.

So yes, it of course is about go. Not the artists fault that we erroneously play on a square grid, right? :person_shrugging: