Short disconnect in a blitz game?

I would like to understand what happened in my recent game:

Here is what happened as far as I can tell (it was fast!):

  • My opponent plays, my countdown begins (10… 9…)
  • Around 6 I play my stone at J2. I hear the sound of the stone being played and the countdown stops. I am not sure if the stone actually appeared, I was busy looking at other yose.
  • Waiting for my opponent to play, I suddenly hear “one” which is actually from my countdown and I lose by time.

Can anyone guess what happened? I would understand my move being ignored if I disconnected (althought I think there would be a disconnection clock in that case). But what could make my countdown bug out like that? I cannot imagine it being handled server-side, so is it a browser issue?

Any advice for being able to play blitz in the future?

I am on Firefox v. 76.0.1 up to date.


Not sure what has happened but you should probably tell a moderator about this