Shortcuts in game page

I don’t know if everyone knew that F key toggles Fullscreen option in game page. It would be nice to add some other shortcuts aswell:

C - Toggle coordinates (all sides/none)
S - Toggle sounds
R or A - Go to analysis mode
I - Show Game Information

And so on, maybe also pass turn and undo.

EDIT: Oh! Someone also sometime suggested to add a shortcut to toggle the left side menu (this one would be site wide).



There is alread the ` Key for the left side menu. :smiley:

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Oh, that one doesn’t work for me, @Franzisa

Ooh, it was ~ ! :smiley:

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This is a great idea. Toggle coordinates is way to complicated on this new site!

Just FYI:

On OS X with a German keyboard the menu toggle key is “^”, the circumflex, on the left side under the esc key.
(And it overrides the pre-defined key for Evernote, but in this case I can live with it :-))

So … I think we may need a table with corresponding keyboard shortcuts for different keyboard language layouts.

Greetings, Tom