Should a beginner play strong players

I notice a lot of newbies quit very early in the game i perfer not to win like that dont wanna get my ass kicked either so should i be playing stronger players they seem to finish the game or other rookies

Play stronger players.

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Play stronger players. I more of worry stronger players don’t want to play me. :joy:

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From James Kerwin’s advice (admittedly the 10k → 1k section):

… you should know that the rate at which you can hope to improve depends on the difference in strength between you and your common opponents. You can improve quite rapidly when you are playing much stronger players. If you are mostly playing players of about your own rank or weaker players your improvement will be very, very slow. …

But in your efforts to get games with stronger players, I encourage you not to neglect playing weaker players too. These games can be very useful in learning how to apply go theory. Stronger players will resist your strategies making it hard to implement them. Handicap opponents offer less resistance, and it’s easier to see how a strategy is supposed to work. In addition, if no one played weaker players no stronger player would play you either, and then where would you be?

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I think the rating and automatch system tries to make you win 50% of your match. So play more ranked games, so the system knows your level.

Ouch. Wrong sport! :grin:

Usually my games look like undeserved wins or well deserved losses. Better learn to enjoy them both.


Oh i enjoy go dont get me wrong i just dont like it when a person makes a few moves then quit i play for fun but it j6st seems like some give up when things dont go there way unless they are winning those arw just some of the people i ran into on here

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You just had 3 games. Play more. There are more annoying things that your opponent can pull other than quitting early.

Also, do you have problems with your keyboard?

On my phone i had trouble placeing the stones but its because my phone is weird  but i have no trouble  on my tablet 

On my phone i have trouble placeing stones but on my tablet i dont

Keep playing whoever want to play with you. Even games at a similar level are fun you cannot just be crushed every time you come to play.

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I don’t learn much from playing a game with someone who is significantly higher rank than me. I learn more from someone who is slightly above my rank.


Yes, beginners have problems when playing much more advanced players. One solution is to use high handicaps (many handicap stones, placed uniformly across the board).

This does result in unusual games, and more limited tactics, but it does eliminate some of the problems.

When I play with a weak player, I frequently set up a 9 to 13 stone handicap on a 13x13 board. I start the game by feeling that I am losing, because any stone I play is in black’s territory. Yet little by little I manage to connect my strings and prevent black from making two eyes here and there, and maybe capture more. If we are lucky, the enormous black advantage balances games so that both players win games half the time, without such a big feeling of defeat when the beginner loses.