Should I have resigned on the 92-93 move?

Hi, I would like to receive a review on this game.
I am white. I Clearly saw my biggest mistake at the 89-90-91 move.
once it was done should i have resigned? is there any way to counter the attack, reduce the loss and maybe win?

thank you

No, 92-93 move surely was painful, but white is still very ok. It’s better to play on when you’re unsure than resign and regret later.

White still had a fair amount of territory, but move 90 certainly cost you quite a bit. Playing M8 instead of Q9 would have been much better. It leaves a weakness in your R10 stones, but sealing black in near the middle is well worth that trade. Also E4 should have been at F3. Killing that black group would have kept you in the game certainly. Black only had about 50 points of territory, whereas up until move 150 white had close to 80, depending on how the lower right corner turned out.

For now you should practice fighting and look for ways to make your opponents’ stones run in the direction you want.

Thank you for your feedback. Any suggestions to improve fighting skills and game directioning?

Play more. Maybe you can drop in tsumego here and there but until 15k it’s simply play more.

Your play and your opponents is both a clear case squezing out the toothpase. Try to jump ahead instead of just extending your stones one by one. Your stones don’t have to be connected all the time, often leaving spaces is okay, as long cutting puts your opponent in a disadvantageous position. Cutting 1 space jumps or knights move without aditional stones nearby, normally leads to a crosscut in which the cutting player is at a disadvantage since he is a move behind.

Thank you for all the advices. Could anyone show on a review how he would have stopped blacks attack?