Should tournament disqualification cancel ongoing games?

An example of what I’m talking about:

I’ve noticed that matches with a disqualified player continue even though at least one other player in the tournament has already won their match against the disqualified player by timeout. I haven’t yet seen the consequences of a disqualified player winning a match first hand, but am I wrong to think that it should be considered a loss as far as the tournament is concerned, even if it’s considered a win in terms of rank/rating?

What I’m saying is that I certainly have no problem with playing out the rest of a game that’s well under way, but in my opinion the result shouldn’t have any impact on tournament standings. Can anyone illuminate me on this matter?

To the great and powerful OGS developers: I’d personally like to see the tournament standings settled as early as possible. Is it possible to fork off an ongoing match with a disqualified player, set the tournament version of the match as a loss (without rank adjustment), and let the forked version of the match continue normally?

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Well, if there is no one single game or sport were disqualified players are not removed from playing, then we should allow disqualified players to keep playing. :wink:

It sounds like a bug to me. An unforeseen one at that. I’m sure it will be fixed in short order as they are currently working on the tournament system. Or they will soon. I’m not one of the developers.

I get what you’re saying SunPin; it definitely seems to be an oversight. And yet it seems a waste if all ongoing matches were simply cancelled. Ideally, those other matches would continue, albeit outside the context of the tournament.

Will have to think about this more.

This really mostly affects simultaneous tournaments like Simultaneous McMahon and Round Robin. If we have the remaining games not count towards tournament points for the person’s opponent then we would be robbing them of points that could make a difference in a tournament through no fault of their own (likewise if we assign partial points).

The thought is that they would likely timeout in the other games also thus giving those opponents the tournament points but at the same time if they have the chance to finish any of the games then tournament points would be awarded fairly based on whether one won or lost the game even if the DQed player can’t win.

As it is DQed players will be fully removed from the tournament after the round in which they were disqualified, are ineligible to win the tournament, and are sorted at the bottom of the ranks.

Sorry, I must not have been clear. I was trying to say that the DQ’d player’s opponents should all get points if one of them has already gotten a win by timeout, otherwise it seems unfair to the opponents who didn’t get the free points. I wasn’t saying that they should get no points or partial points.

I was also saying that ideally the matches should continue as non-tournament ranked games even though the non-DQ’d players already “won” as far as the tournament is concerned.