Show all of ladder on one page

Could we please have option to show all of ladder on one page? I’d like to be able to find someone on the ladder without paging through 20 or more pages.

Thank you for your consideration,

Sax Ma’am

We had this before but it was a browser killer and took multiple seconds to process on the server as well, maybe we can address your problem in a different way?

When you say “find someone”, are you referring to a specific person, or someone who you want to challenge? If you’re looking for someone in specific all you need to do is use that search box up there.

anoek, yes, I was trying to understand what happened to my opponent when he timed out of a ladder game.

I was thinking of a “show all” button that would not be the default method of display, but you’re right that the search window would have worked for me. somehow I didn’t notice it.

Sax Ma’am

I would like to be able to see all or the top players that i am able to challenge. right now i have to flipp 6 pages ( 2 at a time) up to find the highest ranked player challengable by me.

@saxmaam when your opponent times out they are removed from the ladder so you aren’t going to be able to find them anyway.

How about a filter that shows only players you can challenge. After that if you want to see the highest players you can challenge you go to page 1 of that list.


excellent idea