Show current player count on tournament detail page

I’d like to see the current count of registered players on each tournament detail page. This information is available on the list view anyway, but it’s helpful when looking at a tournament detail to know at a glance how close it is to hitting its player minimum or whatever.

It also just seems like good UI practice – when you have a list view and click on an item detail, that item detail shouldn’t lack data available in the list view, which is a condensed summary.

Part of why this is helpful is that chat conversations for pending tournaments frequently focus around the wait for enough players to join, so again having that ready-at-hand would ease such discussion.

Considering that this detail page already has the full list of players, simply rolling up the length of that list to display as an integer seems like it should be a low investment of dev effort.


Yes, I’m generally at a loss to know how many players are in a tourney. Also how many are left at each round would be interesting.

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