Show handicap on the profile game history

Put handicap in game list in the profile 1 previous thread about this, but it’s locked.

I think handicap should be shown in the game history. It’s important information when looking at someone’s profile and understanding their wins and losses. It’s also only 1 very small extra column.


What would be a good use of this information?

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4d losing to a 3k. What’s your first hand judgement of this result?

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@Sofiam at it again? :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously tho, just one game would tell me nothing :woman_shrugging:t2:

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I think that’s why people would want to have this info in the game history, where one can examine many games quickly.

Not just for moderation/cheating… I’d be interested in having this info easily available for my own games - sometimes I only want to review close even games


To avoid further misunderstanding, it was a genuine question.

What would be some legitimate conclusions I could draw from an opponent’s page, with that additional information?

Yeah, it would be great to have possible handicap mentioned in game history.

I actually like the current pandanet game histories, its both sleeker and conveys more information than OGS’s.
Screen Shot 2022-03-13 at 23.53.40

Edit: im not saying OGS should just implement what pandanet is having, but that H for handicaps is something i wish we had too (tho the way they handle rengo games by splitting the names with colon is also really nice) >__>


Whether they’re underranked because they keep losing handicap games - very common even up to mid dan level that people can’t handle the game as white - or that they’re overranked because they keep winning handicap games - very common that a high kyu or low dan player is competent enough so as to refute all the tricks by white and avoid the fights.
That would be one. Another would be to have a better overview of your own portfolio.


Side note: this would be a relatively approachable feature for a newcomer to implement in OGS. The code for the game history table is here:

I’d be happy to answer code questions if anyone wanted to take a shot at this.


Is there a How To outlining the development process? i.e. How would I test my changes before filing a pull request?

If you go to the github page, in the readme there’s a reference to the contribution guide. Or simply check the from the file list.

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Yep is the place to start. Running the react server is simple once you’re set up- just run npm run dev and visit in your browser :grinning:

Thanks. I don’t have time right now, I admit, but in future I might like to contribute. Seems straightforward enough.