Show rank of the reviewer behind the name tag

Review links from game window should have information about the rank of the reviewer also.
Currently it just says
“and so on”’

I think it’s relevant info to show the rank of the reviewer(at the point of review creation)

as a side note. I have seen many many “empty” reviews. There are no variations or comments in those. I think the system shouldn’t allow one to “save” a review that has no “content”


+1 when I open a demo board to try something it just saves it publicly.

Indeed, not sure why we didn’t do that to begin with…

Re empty reviews, agreed, we’ll need to add a reaper system at some point.

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Perhaps add a way for members to flag it as “to delete” meanwhile?

Cheers, Tom


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Adding to this “show rank” discussion.
Currently if I’m looking at users game history. All the games are marked with his current rank. It’s really painful to browser.
The rank graph shows correctly(or almost) what the rank really was when the game was played.
The game History should also show the rank on the games as they were when those games were played.

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