Shown playing game I have not accepted

I am new to OGS.

In the last couple of days, I was shown to be playing three games with different players I have not accepted. I do not wish to be shown playing any game when I am not. So I cancelled these games and White was then shown to have won.

Did I click any button by mistake in my attempt to understand how everything works here? :anguished:

Help, please.

It would help us greatly if you could provide more details: links to the games from your profile, or at least the dates/board size/opponent.

It looks to me like you made some game offers that got accepted. If you cancel a game, it will still show in your record, but it won’t count for your rank.

From my Profile:

2018-05-27 19x19 Bfly vs. Thameskrs Bfly Thameskrs W+Cancellation, ranked, annulled
2018-05-27 19x19 janman10 vs. Bfly janman10 Bfly B+Cancellation, ranked, annulled

2018-05-26 13x13 Bfly vs. Kamouth Bfly Kamouth W+Cancellation, ranked, annulled

On reflection, I probably clicked CREATE under PLAY simply to find out what it does. Nothing happened. There was a time lag and then the above games started while I was offline.

People on this Forum are helpful. I have no hesitation in seeking help so that I would not make the same mistake again.

You are probably right. At this stage of my fledgling GO career, I am not at all concerned about my Rank. Having said that, I disable “Ranked” whenever I practise with Master Mantis! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

The game name looks like an automatch game. That starts after clicking on one of these buttons. Since there is no other way to choose an opponent, its ok to cancel unwanted games, it’s only a bit annoying that they are kept in the result list.

Also, because the games are listed as “annulled” you did not drop in your rating (and your opponent did not gain).

Thank you all. I am reassured.

Senffarbe is right. I prefer not to see these cancellations in my Profile.

Just to be sure, there is no misunderstanding, you can “sort of” choose an opponent in automatch. Meaning by clicking the little cog icon in the upper right part of the automatch window, you can select the prefered strength (or rather strength difference) and preferred rulesets.

You can cancel any game before you play a move without any effect on your rank, but if you do not want to play a stronger opponent for example, it is much more polite to set the automatch accordingly (as not to waste both your times.) :slight_smile:


I am a bit nervous about clicking any button now, Adam. :crazy_face: Don’t want to be a regular nuisance. At the same time, I do wish to know as much about OGS as possible to prepare for the time when I am sufficiently competent to use all its resources.

Where is the Automatch window? Could not see it in PLAY/Quick match finder and I have just about visited every item in the Menu Bar.

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Don’t be :smiley: that was not my intention.

Sorry for the confusion. The quick match finder is what we sometimes call an automatch :frowning:

We have two ways of getting games:

  • first the quick match finder, where you just click the preferred time control (blitz/live/correspondence) and the computer will match you with the first player of similar preference (you can sort of manage what you want under the cog in the upper right of this window)

  • second one is the custom match, where you control every aspect of the game, and once you create the challenge it is listed with all the details below the automatch window. Everybody sees this challenge and if he/she likes it, they can accept by hand (no risk (or at least a small one) of getting an unwanted match that way, but can take longer to get a match)

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No, Adam, you have not made me nervous at all. Moderators and Members on this site have been nothing but warm and helpful to this novice.

Your explanation is very clear. I will flag your post for easy future reference.

Thanks a lot.

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