Similar "Escape" tagging as in KGS

People who escape frequently should be tagged in a similar style as KGS does. So to award near instant win to the other player. Not instant as there is a real chance that the person tagged as “escaper” accidently closed the game and might return.
Currently people need to wait for the whole game time and even manually resume the game if the escaping happened in scoring phase(people ask about this pretty often) or ask a moderator(very unlikely people will ever find the proper channel to do it or even find one)
Once a player is tagged as chronic escaper then the system should award win to the other person within 1-2 minutes. Longer than that seems unneccesary as the player is already chronic. It would be nice to tell the waiting player what is happening also. Some sort of timer or just a text line would be sufficient.
This whole system would only work for live games though. I hope it’s not too hard to implement some live game specific stuff in here.

Yeah indeed, I think it’s a good idea to tag them. We’re going to eventually make it so the clocks timeout after a much shorter time (minimum of time left, or probably 5 minutes or so), so folks don’t have to wait forever for a game to end… we’re also going to add a button to flag for a moderator to come to games so they don’t have to find chat to do so. We’ll have to figure out what to do about chronic escapers, reducing it to 1-2 minutes might not be enough (though might be a good start)…

On KGS I use the “censor” feature a lot to handle this. When you censor a player, you don’t see them in any lists, they can’t accept any game challenges you make, you can’t see any of their chat; in effect they don’t exist even though they may be logged on. It is like the OGS moderate only more severe.

When an opponent leaves a live game I am playing, I give them a reasonable amount of time to return in case they have a connection problem (probably about 5 mins depending on my mood). If they have escaped, they join my censor list. I have more than 300 on my KGS censor list.

This may not suit everyone but it is what I use and I haven’t had problems with escapers for years now. So my conclusion is that OGS needs the censor feature. It is probably the best feature on KGS. You end up with a community visible to you whose behaviour you find acceptable. Just my 2 cents.

Of course with this method they can still escape once but can never do it twice in my games. I regard any idea that their behaviour will change as quite unrealistic.

Yep that’s certainly on the todo list

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This topic is now more than 2.5 years since this last post. As a new user it was surprising how soon I looked for a censorship feature like KGS and DGS have. I’d really rather not have to keep a list or remember the usrids of jerks. I’m surprised OGS hasn’t implemented such a feature; maybe it’s because some kinds of vermin have been slow to migrate.

My suggestion includes more species so I’m creating a new topic.

p.s.: It will be posted soon.

Well, there is a “block” option when you click a users name. However, I don’t know the censorship feature of KGS/DGS, so I don’t know whether “block” is what you have in mind.

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I don’t know what Block does and have no subjects I want to test it on. I am about to post my topic. That should answer your questions.