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Hey guys,
I am going to be trying to put some effort in here in the near future to developing some code to allow OGS to do Simul games. This will be one of my first major forays into visual coding, using API’s, and C# (although I have experience with C++ so I doubt I’ll struggle too hard with the transition there).

I was just wanting to ask if there was anything other than the OGS API that I needed to look at to make sure that the code I write will be able to behave like everything else on the server. Beyond that, I’ll try to keep regular posts here about what I’m doing and if I am or am not having any success with this project.

I have the basic form of what I want to code figured out. At this point it seems like it would be mostly a matter of implementing and debugging. Here’s what I’m thinking, for those curious:

Select ‘Simul’ as game type
Select number of boards, all other game settings as usual
Instantiate multiple boards.
Allow players to join, all games pause automatically after black places his first stone.
When all boards full, or when white selects start:
Instantiate tabs to switch viewing board.
assign board 1 as Bool FocusBoard = true;
While it is black’s turn on the focus board
-check for any board that is on white’s turn, proceeding in numerical order from the current board.
-switch to that board
-assign that board as the focus
If any board is not the focus and white’s turn
-pause timer until board is the focus.

It’s a lot to code, but having an idea of where I want to go with it should make it a bit easier. Also, if anybody here knows of anything that might cause issues with this, please let me know so I can try to work around that.

Thanks all!

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If I understand correctly, you always want to show just one board and decide for the player which board to switch to?
This would not work well on my browser/computer that takes a long time to load a board.

I often play two games simultaneously and I open two windows for it. It would be nice and useful to have two or four boards on the same page, but switching around incontrollably would be hell in the middle of a joseki, for example.

Of course, it is possible that this will be great for many people, so I don’t want to dissuade you, but I wanted to tell you the issues that I would have with my equipment.

Also if you stop the timer, how would your code deal with me opening up several windows?


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